Daytime Events

Exciting activities await our Adventurers and their families as well as Master Guides and Master Guide Trainees. Listed below are some of the fun events campers can look forward to:

Morning Exercises Physical Fitness Program
Swimming   Aquatic Challenges
Family Canoeing   Canoeing / Kayaking
Hiking/ Nature Exploration   Honour Classes
Bouncy Castles/ Inflatables   Orienteering and Geocaching
Pony/ small horse ride   Monkey Bridge and Tower Building
Kite flying   Fire Building and Camp Cookery (pancake/ camp bread contest)
Fun Games   Disaster Response / Rescue Operation Simulation
Family Scavenger Hunt   OMG Extreme Challenge
Fishing   Speed Knot Tying / Lashing Relays
Award classes   Bivouacking
Adventurer Challenge Survival Skills Training
Bubble Games