Exciting activities await our Adventurers and their families as well as Master Guides and Master Guide Trainees. Listed below are some of the fun events campers can look forward to:

Morning Exercises Physical Fitness Program
Swimming   Aquatic Challenges
Family Canoeing   Canoeing / Kayaking
Hiking/ Nature Exploration   Honour Classes
Bouncy Castles/ Inflatables   Orienteering and Geocaching
Pony/ small horse ride   Monkey Bridge and Tower Building
Kite flying   Fire Building and Camp Cookery (pancake/ camp bread contest)
Fun Games   Disaster Response / Rescue Operation Simulation
Family Scavenger Hunt   OMG Extreme Challenge
Fishing   Speed Knot Tying / Lashing Relays
Award classes   Bivouacking
Adventurer Challenge Survival Skills Training
Bubble Games